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"Sample it if you like, but the beats and grooves of Bulldog Breaks 1 & 2 are solid without any further technological intervention."
- Paul E. Lopes, Streetsound magazine
"For all the beatheads out there the San Fran Fog City Productions get wrek with all those funk classics, to drop raw bold blunted phunk. Going further than the last two vols, in that there are more trax than loops. Just check it, mix it or drop it."
- James 'Holygoof' Lavelle, Straight No Chaser Magazine / Mo Wax Records (London)
"Although breakbeat albums are fine for sampling and great for blending between or under other records, they usually aren't really solid and listenable straight through. Bulldog Breaks is the exception. The producer, Dan Prothero , has really struck a nice balance between simple loops and a complete and arranged song. Most of these nine tracks are based on big beats and jazz/funk bits quite worthy of club play. The next logical step from this man would, and should, be a hip hop joint. We'll see..."
- Paul E. Lopes, Streetsound magazine
NOTE: The Bulldog Breaks series is currently available only in vinyl LP format.
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Bulldog Breaks are distributed internationally by Ubiquity Recordings.

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