Washington City Paper

June 13, 1997

" They can't play jazz. They look too boy-rock, " the women in music listings declared upon viewing Galactic's band photo. But I popped the enhanced CD into the computer, and funk-filled jazz wafted through the cubicle. All doubts were erased. These fresh-faced white kids from New Orleans can play. When they came to D.C. a few months back, their show was tight. They even summoned a groove from the too-cool-to-break-a-sweat Euros at the 18th Street Lounge. Some people call it acid jazz, but Galactic definitely pulls strains from Trouble Funk and Booker T and the MGs. Their music savvy matches the level of their stage show. Following in the footsteps of Medeski Martin and Wood, they have built up their name from touring constantly. The CD is titled Coolin' Off, but I gay-ron-tee the temperature in State of the Union will be anything but, once they get rockin.

- Holly Bass

Check out Galactic's website at http://www.fogworld.com/galactic for more info on the band and their nonstop tour schedule. You can also listen to their entire album online, in stereo and for free!

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