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Nov-Dec 1997

Wiggle Award Of The Month
Galactic - Coolin' Off

by Victor LeBlanc

Having worked for a producer in Austin, I have witnessed more wanna-be funk bands than I care to admit and from this writer's perspective Galactic is on a level of their own. Yes - they have the influence of Meteresque Crescent City funk in their genre - but stand alone, stand out, stand up and make your (_!_) wiggle -- indeed, they do!

Stanton Moore on drums A few words come to mind. Floored by an acid funk express train comin' @ ya from deep in the soul of the city of sin - with a perpetual Frenchman Street smile. Then there is the drummer. Or should I mention the horn section first- extremely tough call!! Just when you thought it would get "too one-sided," out comes the "House Man" (Vocalist- Theryl deClouet) to add a whole new dimension to the set.

Suffice it to say that these guys don't play funk- they personify it! All the individual members make up a superb collage of funk, but each are stand alone, "blow your socks off" players that seem to effortlessly churn out funk-jazz laced licks with a controlled abandon. You have to hear it to believe it- and the crowd in attendance at the shows- are believers. Perhaps the most noticeable collective attribute of this band is the kind, humble, seemingly ego-free attitude the players have. That is a refreshing advantage that will take them far.

Few established bands acheive the syncopation & tonality these players bounce off your eardrums constantly. Youth is on their side but the feeling all the players give off is an air of tenure, for their average age of mid twenty. Frenchman Street will do that to a person. Don't miss them - or if you do, get their CD... for it does their energy level justice.

Check out Galactic's website at for more info on the band and their nonstop tour schedule. You can also listen to their entire album online, in stereo and for free!

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