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"Recording of the Month"

- Stereophile Magazine
(reviewing Money Shot)
"One of the few truly wild and unruly records to come from the rock & roll tradition in the 21st century... Dan Prothero [is] the true king of raw"

(reviewing Thunder Chicken)
"Probably the best recording put out by any Florida band since Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Damn the Torpedoes way back in 1979"

(reviewing Lochloosa)
"Top 10 best r&b / soul cd of the year"

(reviewing Blackwater)
"A poised, confident CD, the work of someone who has already mastered his craft, not someone just starting out. Every tiny sound on the exquisite 12-song album is perfectly embedded in the carefully crafted music."

- San Francisco Chronicle
(reviewing Etienne de Rocher)
"One of the finest singer-songwriter affairs to ever come down the pike"

- An Honest Tune
(reviewing California Way)


Fog City Productions is a San Francisco-based production house. The head of the household is Dan Prothero, who produces and engineers everything released on Fog City Records. We also operate The Phantom Tollbooth, the studio with all the funky old-school goodies.



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